Publication of D4.1 (Overview of Existing and Enhanced Traffic Management Procedures)

We are happy to announce that Deliverable D4.1 (Overview of Existing and Enhanced Traffic Management Procedures) is available for download in the Deliverables section!
Deliverable D4.1 describes the creation of the next generation of traffic management procedures and protocols that address the presence of autonomous vehicles, as to be deployed in TransAID. We highlight the state-of-the-art of traffic management procedures, focusing on general approaches, the coordination of CAVs, and the impact of machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence. We then outline TransAID’s traffic management framework, positioning ourselves as an intermediary service provider. This encompasses high- and low-level traffic management operations, as well as raising some concerns on the compliance of automated vehicles to traffic laws. Next, the bulk of the report discusses in detail the five selected services and use cases, each time highlighting when, where, and how traffic measures should be applied. In conclusion, we give some further approaches to integrated traffic management, and sketch several general communications requirements for traffic management systems, focusing on the types of messages to be transceived.

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