Deliverables D4.3 and D5.4 are now available!

TransAID is always busy, always on the forefront of creating new insights into the behaviour of automated vehicles, and how to link them to advanced traffic management schemes and innovate V2X communication technologies. Grab you copies of D4.3 (Translation of traffic management measures to iCS, scale-up, and wider deployment) and D5.4 (Signalling for informing conventional vehicles) here at our deliverables page!

EU/Japan 7-8/4 workshop presentations are available!

On 7-8 April, the TransAID partners and ITS Japan / UtmobI held an online joint seminar and expert meeting. We discussed topics such as regional activities, operational design domains, I2V-based traffic management, V2X communications, modelling, simulation, and a demonstration of our CAV simulation tool, and concluded with priority areas for future research and innovation activities.

You can find the agenda and all the presentations here.

Deliverables D3.2 and D4.2 are now available!

We have published the revised versions of D3.2 (Cooperative maneuvring in the presence of hierarchical traffic management) and D4.2 (Preliminary simulation and assessment of enhanced traffic management measures) at our Deliverables page. They include all the simulation work done during the second iteration, containing five brand new use cases!