Workshop 10 October 2018 (Brussels, Belgium)

Joint CoEXist/MAVEN/TransAID workshop

10 October 2017 (Brussels, Belgium)

Vehicle automation: implications for city and regional authorities

The H2020 projects hosting this workshop, CoEXist, MAVEN, and TransAID, are all exploring the implications of increasing vehicle automation on urban roads. They are mainly considering the traffic management and infrastructure aspects of automated vehicles. CoEXist is also exploring the transport planning and policy dimensions.

The primary aim of this workshop was to gather the views and requirements of local authorities and other urban transport stakeholder on various tasks underway or planned within the projects.

The audience was made up of urban transport stakeholders, with a particular emphasis on representatives of local and regional government. Participants were drawn from the consortia and expert groups of the respective European projects and city/regional transport authorities external to the projects.