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Demonstrations on the testbed of Lower Saxony

TransAID held a string of demonstrations on the Testbed Lower Saxony. This testbed encompasses sections of the German A2, A7, A39, and A391 motorways as well as parts of the federal and state roads B3, B6, B243, and L295. Furthermore, it also integrates the established routes of the Application Platform for Intelligent Mobility (AIM), which is in operation in the Braunschweig city centre. This enables testing in differing traffic situations and in the transition between different types of road.

Several TransAID use cases have been demonstrated on the testbed in November 2020. Thanks to the ADAC Center for Safe Driving for the great support!

A day of feasibility assessments ends

As the sun was about to leave us and the day came to a close, so did our feasibility assessment on the test track. We ended with use case 1.3, whereby vehicles use the upstream emergency lane to queue for a blocked off-ramp. Our vehicle receives the traffic management information from the road-side unit, and acts accordingly by changing lanes and queueing after the last vehicle.

Real-life feasibility assessment of TransAID’s use cases

Exciting! Today our DLR team is running a real-life feasibility assessment of TransAID’s use cases! We are testing automated vehicles, all V2X communications (with CAMs, DENMs, MCMs, …), testing the ODD boundaries with take-over requests (TORs), transitions of control (ToCs), and minimum-risk manoeuvres (MRMs), all in the scope of traffic management. Everything is streamed live to our consortium partners in Europe!