A day of feasibility assessments ends

As the sun was about to leave us and the day came to a close, so did our feasibility assessment on the test track. We ended with use case 1.3, whereby vehicles use the upstream emergency lane to queue for a blocked off-ramp. Our vehicle receives the traffic management information from the road-side unit, and acts accordingly by changing lanes and queueing after the last vehicle.

Real-life feasibility assessment of TransAID’s use cases

Exciting! Today our DLR team is running a real-life feasibility assessment of TransAID’s use cases! We are testing automated vehicles, all V2X communications (with CAMs, DENMs, MCMs, …), testing the ODD boundaries with take-over requests (TORs), transitions of control (ToCs), and minimum-risk manoeuvres (MRMs), all in the scope of traffic management. Everything is streamed live to our consortium partners in Europe!

Deliverable D8.1 is now available!

We are happy to announce that we have finalised Deliverable D8.1, which contains the reporting of all our interactions and activities with the various stakeholders. It contains information about all the organised workshops (in conjunction with our affiliated projects such as CoEXist, MAVEN, and INFRAMIX). In addition, we included information regarding our international cooperation with the US CAMP, as well as with ITS Japan. And finally, a number of other workshops are alse reported on, of which some examples centre around the operational design domains (ODDs), CEDR projects and activities, CAV infrastructure readiness, … Visit our deliverables page to obtain your copy!

All presentations and videos from our Virtual Final Event are available!

Many thanks to all of you that attended our virtual final event! We hoped you enjoyed our webinars.

We invite you to go to our final event page, where you can find all the presentations, as well as high-quality videos of all recorded sessions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information regarding all our research deliverables

And as a special treat, we have a selection of attractive videos available for you, showcasing some of the work that we have done during the project.

TransAID has real-life demonstrations!

Don’t forget to check out some of the videos we made, in which real-life vehicles are used. An example includes Scenario 2.1, where we prevent a transition of control and minimum-risk manoeuver providing speed, headway, and/or lane advice. Another one gives a real-life demonstration of minimum-risk manoeuvers and the distribution of transition of control.

Register for interACT’s final event!

Join the Virtual Final Event of the H2020 interACT project! interACT has designed, implemented and evaluated solutions for safe, cooperative, and expectation-conforming interactions between the Automated Vehicle and both its on-board driver and other traffic participants.

This two-day virtual final event will present the interACT project results produced after more than 3 years of research work and will encourage the discussion around the interaction of automated vehicles into mixed environments.

You can find the agenda here; you can register yourself here.

Deliverables D4.3 and D5.4 are now available!

TransAID is always busy, always on the forefront of creating new insights into the behaviour of automated vehicles, and how to link them to advanced traffic management schemes and innovate V2X communication technologies. Grab you copies of D4.3 (Translation of traffic management measures to iCS, scale-up, and wider deployment) and D5.4 (Signalling for informing conventional vehicles) here at our deliverables page!